It is true to say that time has proven CCTV systems to be a worthwhile investment for most people or companies. General crime statistics show that there has been a significant drop in crime in the areas where they have been adopted. CCTV is without doubt, the most cost effective way of preventing crime and the detection of crime. We employ a team of dedicated installers that have a wide range of experience in the field, and all the products we install are chosen & tested for their quality, specification, functionality and performance, ensuring each system is the best available at any budget.

Other benefits are that you may be able to slim down your staff and reduce your labour outgoings; significant deterrence of criminal activity of anti-social activity; and, very importantly, be used as a method evidence gathering in the event of crime. We know that the reassurance for staff and for customers that is gained from CCTV is invaluable. You will get peace of mind in these difficult times. Whether you need a CCTV system, a repair or a camera replacement across the South Hams, Devon


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