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Due to the current COVID-19 epidemic we will not be carrying out any further installations unless the property is empty and safe for our engineers to work without coming into contact with other people.


We are still available for Callouts should you have any issues with you Intruder (Burglar) alarm or Fire alarm systems 24/7 Just Call T 01548 559330 or 07971 198108

Door Entry Systems

AG Fire and Security offer solutions for a vast range of applications where door entry and access control are required.

We can install and maintain:

Combined video and audio door entry

Audio only door entry

Wired and wireless systems are available to suit your requirements and budget.

Our systems are widely used in private housing, social housing, public buildings and commercial applications.


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Videx Access control entry panel

Paxton proximity access control reader and fob


Choosing an Intruder Alarm

The range and diversity of alarm systems available can make choosing the right system for your need quite complex. The information below is not a definitive guide, but it will help you to understand the basic differences between the main types of system on offer.

A basic system might be expected to comprise of an outside siren or bell and strobe light – enclosed in a weatherproof box – a key operated or digital control panel and a number of passive intra-red movement detectors, placed in vulnerable areas. Contacts on windows and doors may also be included.

Bells-Only Alarms

This is generally the most basic option. If the alarm is triggered, an audible alarm sounds to alert you – or a neighbour – that an intruder has entered (or is trying to enter) the premises.

This type of system may be appropriate for most typical dwellings. However, it depends on the location of the property, the lifestyle or nature of the occupier or the content.

The system should always be fitted by a certificated installer to the relevant British Standards.

Speech Dialler or Auto (GSM) Dialler System

This will be a cheaper option than having a fully monitored system.

With a speech dialler, when the alarm is activated, pre-programmed numbers of your choice will be dialled and a pre-recorded message alerts the keyholder or neighbour to the alarm. If the phone line is cut or disabled, no signal can be sent.

Under no circumstances should the Police telephone number be programmed into the auto dialler.

A GSM alarm unit sends you and/or other contacts a text message. It is not dependent on the phone line.

It can typically send a text to up to three numbers, there is no third-party monitoring and can use any major high-street SIM on a network of your choice (for example O2, EE, Vodafone and so on.)

SSAIB Registered InstallerMonitored Systems

The system installed may be the same as (or similar to) a bells-only system, except that – when the alarm is activated – a signal informs a remote monitoring centre. They may confirm that the alarm is not false and, if necessary, they inform the Police.

It is important that the monitoring centre is recognised by the Police. A unique reference number (URN) – which identified the premises – must be obtained by the installer from the Police, when the system is installed. To get this number, the installer and the monitoring centre must be registered with a certification body – such as SSAIB.

Monitored systems do not guarantee a Police response.

Why have a Battery in my burglar alarm

I am often asked “Why do I need my Burlar alarm serviced every year? I had a new battery fitted * years ago ?

Let me explain !! Your alarm system be it Burglar or Fire alarm has a back up battery fitted so that in the event if mains power loss the the Burglar alarm and or Fire alarm will still function and protect your home.

The standy capacity of the back up battery will deteriorate over time depending on the capacity of the battery 2.3 AH, 3.6AH, 7 AH, 18 AH

The capacity of the battery diminishes over time, also the enviroment where the battery is installed (Hot Areas) Roof space (in the summer) Airing Cupboards.

When servicing the alarm system the battery will be checked by the engineer and you will be advised on the condition of your battery and whether or not you should have it changed.


burglat alarm backup battery

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent killer

Are you Protected from the Silent killer?

Carbon monoxide

known as the silent killer, you cannot see it or smell it

AG Fire and Security – Kingsbridge and Salcombe based installer can install carbon monoxide detectors to protect lives of you and your family from this deadly killer!

Carbon monoxide detectors can be installed in minutes

Our detectors have a 10-year life Lithium battery and are wirelessly connected avoiding long installation times and upheavals caused by running cables, they can be intergraded with our wireless smoke and heat detectors to give you a safe home enviroment keeping your loved ones safe.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

When installing Carbon Monoxide alarms it’s important to note that there are different siting requirements

depending upon if the alarm is being installed in the room with the fuel-burning appliance or not.

In a room with the fuel burning appliance:

Alarms should be sited on the ceiling

Should be fitted between 1m–3m from all potential sources of Carbon Monoxide

Sited 300m from walls and light fittings – this is to ensure that they are outside of any ‘dead air’ spaces that occur in corners and spaces where the airflow may be blocked

If the fuel burning appliance is in a confined space, for example a boiler room then the alarm should be sited on the ceiling just outside the room


Carbon Monoxide Detector Siting

Texecom Premier Elite LCDLP-W

Introducing The New Texecom Wireless LCD Keypad

Texecom Premier Elite LCDLP-WNow available for installation by Devon based AG Fire and Security is the remarkable new wireless keypad from Texecom, featuring Ricochet Mesh Technology.

The new Premier Elite LCDLP-W wireless keypad is a fully functional, fully programmable with identical performance and capabilities of traditional wired Premier Elite keypads.

The new wireless keypad features Ricochet mesh technology, and a five-year battery life which completes the extensive options of the wire-free Premier Elite systems from Texecom.

Premier Elite LCDLP-W features include :

  • Wireless keypad with Ricochet mesh technology
  • Fully functional keypad which is not just a station for arming
  • Five-year battery life with typical usage (Four AA lithium batteries included)
  • Operation speed equal to equivalent wired keypads
  • Requires Premier Elite systems with V3.1 (or higher) wireless receivers
  • Integral proximity reader for use with Texecom RFID prox tags
  • EN50131-1, EN50131-3, EN50131-5-3, PD6662 Grade 2 Class II