Carbon Monoxide – The Silent killer

Are you Protected from the Silent killer?

Carbon monoxide

known as the silent killer, you cannot see it or smell it

AG Fire and Security – Kingsbridge and Salcombe based installer can install carbon monoxide detectors to protect lives of you and your family from this deadly killer!

Carbon monoxide detectors can be installed in minutes

Our detectors have a 10-year life Lithium battery and are wirelessly connected avoiding long installation times and upheavals caused by running cables, they can be intergraded with our wireless smoke and heat detectors to give you a safe home enviroment keeping your loved ones safe.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

When installing Carbon Monoxide alarms it’s important to note that there are different siting requirements

depending upon if the alarm is being installed in the room with the fuel-burning appliance or not.

In a room with the fuel burning appliance:

Alarms should be sited on the ceiling

Should be fitted between 1m–3m from all potential sources of Carbon Monoxide

Sited 300m from walls and light fittings – this is to ensure that they are outside of any ‘dead air’ spaces that occur in corners and spaces where the airflow may be blocked

If the fuel burning appliance is in a confined space, for example a boiler room then the alarm should be sited on the ceiling just outside the room


Carbon Monoxide Detector Siting

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